The Willow Circle Word. RECHARGE

week December 9th to 15th .

Hello πŸ’ž
A new week always welcomes a new word πŸ’ž
This week it is Recharge πŸ’–
Having just one word in your week to focus your attention is a simple yet powerful tool to use in your everyday life.
Set reminders to help .
I find writing the word into my diary πŸ“” and appliances I use everyday .
Everytime I boil the kettle I remember the word a week πŸ’ž
As always apply it yourself first .
How do you feel when you are recharged ?
How can I add and adapt this word easily into my life that will add value to me ?
Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup – recharge is key to assist you taking better care of yourself and of others .
We recharge our phones and laptops so why wouldn’t we recharge ourselves too .
Keep it simple – for me it’s remembering to pause every hour to refocus and ask what can I do now that will recharge my battery πŸ”‹
It could be as simple as sitting down to have a break , pausing and taking a deep breath or getting some fresh air .
I hope you have a lovely week and really recharge as there is only one of you so please take care of yourself πŸ’ž
Much love
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