The Willow Circle Membership

The Willow Circle Membership

Exclusive community

I am so thrilled and excited you are here.
This is for you if you wish to raise your energy, be inspired, and be part of a group of similar like minded souls.

Are you ready to take the next step and create positive change in your life?

This is a private, safe and non-judgmental space where you will take part in private monthly calls to upgrade on all levels.

There will be monthly themes toward shifting our energy positively and a weekly accountability thread.

I will be adding more content as we move through the year.

The Willow Circle back-to-basics course with exclusive recordings of supportive exercises/PDF tools and practices.
As a member, you have access to discounts for future workshops and events.

The women that The Willow Circle attracts have loving hearts and a lovely presence.

You just feel good in this space.

A journey is much more fun when you have a guide and also company to share it with.

Community is so key.
 It is important moving forwards that you are supported and part of a group of like-minded people.

As a thank you for joining in May
you will get all of this & more for just €33 per month.
This rate will increase for new members who decide to join later this year at €37 per month.
The group will be capped & only limited spaces available to join.
Remember your presence is your power- It is the key to everything.


I would love your presence in this group,
Are you ready to set sail with us on this voyage of upgrade?

  • Monthly Zoom calls
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Regular fun monthly themes to support you in
  • Assess to Masterclass on wellbeing
  • New 2022 Members in person meet ups using the power of nature to raise our energy
  • 12 Months of accountability
  • Special discounts on workshops & events

What other members are saying…

Join this growing community and let’s raise our vibe together.

Be inspired and create positive shifts in your life.