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Relax at The Willow Circle

The Willow Circle - Killarney

The Willow circle Provides Gentle but powerful therapies to help clear guilt , fear , overthinking or stress.

Learn to be the best version of yourself and stay calm in even the most stressful environments. Come to The Willow Circle, where the magic just happens!

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Services at The Willow Circle

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

IET is a powerful energy based healing technique that removes stored negative
energy from your cells and replaces it with the energy’s positive counterpart.

Quantum Thinking Technologies

QTT is a unique accredited personal development ‘talking’ method that guides
clients to access profound and lasting behavioral change so that they can achieve
their desired outcomes in life.

Irene Nash

Willow Circle Workshops &

Wellness talks 

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Irene Nash - Wellness Practitioner  

Qualified in Neural Linguistic Therapy, Quantum Thinking Technologies and Integrated Energy Therapy

'She is truly amazing and I recommend her to everyone!'

What Our Customers Say

I had a wonderful day at The Willow Circle Workshop. Irene was superb. Her knowledge and soothing voice had a knock on effect with me. It was a very informative and super relaxing day. Really enjoyed it. Well done Irene x.

Gillian Doyle Warren

Irene is amazing at what she does and provides such a safe space to really allow you to look honestly at your life and make necessary changes that enables you to truly live your best life and confidence to face the realities and challenges! I CANNOT recommend her highly enough! Thank you so much for shining your beautiful light in this world, Irene....

Geraldine Lyons

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